Joseph McRae Palmer

Belle's Ruin

A deadly alien jungle. A mysterious hidden ruin. Can a young woman overcome and save her people from a secret threat?

Belle Machado is being pressured to perform. From a poor family and small town, the recently graduated pilot of a planetary survey company is on a three-day evaluation of her qualifications for command-pilot. But the ambitious young woman is shattered when an unusual rock monolith destroys her ship.

Facing a dangerous planet and ruin alone, Belle fears for her career and her life. But the strange structure proves operational and reveals a threat to humanity.

Can Belle use her resourcefulness to survive and return home with the truth, or is she doomed to become a meal for an alien megapede?

Belle’s Ruin is the hair-raising first book in the Belle Machado science fiction thriller series. If you like alien lifeforms, speculative technologies, and underdog conflicts, then you’ll love Joseph McRae Palmer’s captivating story.